Invest In The Stock Market Or Have Life Insurance?


by Federal Financial Group LLC

The most basic purpose of a life insurance policy is protect your dependents financially in the event of your death. If you have a significant amount of liquid assets or have money invested in the stock market, you may wonder why it would be necessary to also have a life insurance policy. While an increase in income or savings may change the amount of coverage that you may need, it will rarely negate the necessity of life insurance. 

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How much does your family need?

If you were suddenly no longer around to provide for your family, how much money would be enough for them to maintain their current standard of living for the next few years? You would need that amount and more in liquid assets to justify discontinuing a life insurance policy. 

Taking a risk

Investing, by its very nature, is risky. While your stocks may have been successful in the past, a turn in the market or a government action can change all of that. With a life insurance policy, your dependents will have a guaranteed amount of money to receive. They will not have to deal with the stress of depending on a variable market. 

Financial planning is multi-layered

In addition to a life insurance policy with a sufficient amount of coverage, you should have funds in savings accounts and in stocks and mutual funds. 

This post was originally done by Richard Reich.  


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Summertime and Back to School

Federal Financial Group LLCDoes summer have to end? We have been enjoying the warm temperatures and summer activities, but now we are being bombarded with advertisements for back to school. Not that back to school is a bad thing, but it means that summer will soon be over. What are some of the things you have done or are doing this summer?

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Utah: More Than Donny and Marie and “the Mormons”

Utah is More Than Donny and Marie and Mormons
By Susan Escalante, Director of Public Relations, Federal Financial Group LLC

Last month I was looking for a place to have lunch in Little Italy in Manhattan. As my husband and I walked around trying to find someplace that looked like they had authentic recipes, there were men standing at the front of several establishments trying to invite us to have lunch at their restaurant.

One gentleman asked where we were from and I replied “Utah”. With a classic Brooklyn accent, he said “Oh, Donny and Marie and the Mormons!” We smiled and agreed politely.

If only the time was right to have shared with him the Utah we know, with Bryce Canyon, Zion’s National Park, hiking, fishing, skiing, the Heber Train, the Uintas and so much more. Here are a few photos that I would have liked to share:

Federal Financial Group LLC Reviews Federal Financial Group LLC Reviews Federal Financial Group LLC Reviews

In Southern Utah, USA


Federal Financial Group LLC Reviews

Uinta Mountains, Utah, USA


Federal Financial Group LLC Reviews Federal Financial Group LLC Reviews Federal Financial Group LLC Reviews

Utah, USA


And yes, Utah has more Osmonds than Donny & Marie! We rode home on a plane with this Osmond, who is also a singer:

Federal Financial Group LLC Reviews

David Osmond, Singer


And I just became connected today on LinkedIn with this Osmond – Nathan Osmond. Both Nathan and David are sons of Alan and Suzanne Osmond.

Federal Financial Group LLC Reviews

Nathan Osmond


Draper, Utah is also the home of Federal Financial Group LLC headquarters.

So, yes, Mr. New York Italian man, Utah has a lot more to it than Donny, Marie and some Mormons.

But, thank you for asking!