Utah: More Than Donny and Marie and “the Mormons”

Utah is More Than Donny and Marie and Mormons
By Susan Escalante, Director of Public Relations, Federal Financial Group LLC

Last month I was looking for a place to have lunch in Little Italy in Manhattan. As my husband and I walked around trying to find someplace that looked like they had authentic recipes, there were men standing at the front of several establishments trying to invite us to have lunch at their restaurant.

One gentleman asked where we were from and I replied “Utah”. With a classic Brooklyn accent, he said “Oh, Donny and Marie and the Mormons!” We smiled and agreed politely.

If only the time was right to have shared with him the Utah we know, with Bryce Canyon, Zion’s National Park, hiking, fishing, skiing, the Heber Train, the Uintas and so much more. Here are a few photos that I would have liked to share:

Federal Financial Group LLC Reviews Federal Financial Group LLC Reviews Federal Financial Group LLC Reviews

In Southern Utah, USA


Federal Financial Group LLC Reviews

Uinta Mountains, Utah, USA


Federal Financial Group LLC Reviews Federal Financial Group LLC Reviews Federal Financial Group LLC Reviews

Utah, USA


And yes, Utah has more Osmonds than Donny & Marie! We rode home on a plane with this Osmond, who is also a singer:

Federal Financial Group LLC Reviews

David Osmond, Singer


And I just became connected today on LinkedIn with this Osmond – Nathan Osmond. Both Nathan and David are sons of Alan and Suzanne Osmond.

Federal Financial Group LLC Reviews

Nathan Osmond


Draper, Utah is also the home of Federal Financial Group LLC headquarters.

So, yes, Mr. New York Italian man, Utah has a lot more to it than Donny, Marie and some Mormons.

But, thank you for asking!


Service Before Politics

Moving Mali Forward

This past week was charged and full of some great events and service projects that we did in the various areas of Bamako, the capital of Mali.

Our PACP delegation headed to Baguineda where our resident eye doctor and Secretary General of PACP Aboubacar Sidiki Fomba donated his services to do free cataract surgery. In Mali, to remove cataracts, it costs about 50000 cfa ( $100) per eye. Now think about it. An average Malian will not make more than a $1.25 per day. In fact, most Malians will forgo the cost of an eye surgery because the need of food and other basic amenities for their family is a priority. Fomba has donated his services in many areas. The newest was Baguineda. In Baguineda many older people and young children were brought to get eye tests done and then the surgery. In one case, a man told us that…

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One Man’s Vision by Morgan Reber: How Yeah Samaké Will Change Mali Through Education

Hear this guy is pretty amaze.

I Support Yeah

This post was originally written on Morgan’s blog at: http://thesecondbreakfastblog.blogspot.co.uk/2013/05/one-mans-vision-how-yeah-samake-will.html


After my interview with Yeah Samaké. I’m on the left, Yeah is in the middle, and Michael Devonas (founder of the BYU chapter of Empower Mali) is on the right. It was such a wonderful experience being able to meet and talk with him! He’s a wonderful man, an incredible leader, and an inspiration to us all! 

Progeny to a nation of opportunities and facilities that would be the stuff of miracles in a worse-heeled country, the ignorant, gluttonous exploitation and thanklessness so ubiquitous between the white picket fences of the middle-class American breed happy, smiling Frankenstein monsters of political leaders too plastic and unacquainted with critical issues like poverty, illiteracy, and corruption. That breach between quandary and captain remains inaccessible if the Babel of dissimilarity obstructs resolution from being reached. To remedy social ills, a leader must speak the…

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Upcoming events in Utah!

This man has an amazing story. If you have a chance to hear it or read it, you will never be the same yourself.

I Support Yeah

Have you met Yeah? You need to meet Yeah Samaké. His story will blow you away. He is an inspiration to everyone that meets him. Join as us at one of the last events in Utah before the election! He is returning to Mali shortly to campaign rigorously during the last 50 days of the election.

1302-15 084

Open House with Yeah Samaké

DATE: Thursday, June 6
TIME: 7:00pm
PLACE: Home of Roger and Dawn Hill, 497 N. Bald Mountain Dr., Alpine, UT 84004

Meet and Greet at City Creek Commons with Yeah

DATE: Friday, June 7
TIME: 8:00 – 10:00 am
PLACE: City Creek Commons, 50 S. Main Street, Salt Lake City, UT 84101

Light brunch will be provided.

Directions: The Commons Room at City Creek is located just behind Deseret Book on South Temple.  There is a beautifully carved wooden facade in front of the brick building with “The Commons”  written just above the…

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