With Broken Hearts

With broken hearts, we all feel the loss today for the children and teachers in the Sandy Hook Elementary School, Connecticut. Our hearts go out to the families and community. May their healing start soon and be complete.

This brings a question to the surface: What has gone wrong lately with so many massacres and suicides? I would like to submit to you that we have forgotten to help our neighbors. We need to be there for each other so that nobody feels isolated and alone.

We do not know exactly what went wrong with the shooter in Colorado and now the two in Connecticut. We do not know what happened in China with the man who wielded an ax at a day care. Another man used a knife to slash 22 people at a different location in China.

Many questions arise: Were they mentally unstable? If yes, why did they not receive the help that they needed? Perhaps they were feeling despair or anger.

We are all in this world together. We need to be aware of each other. We need to take responsibility to be kind and be conscientious of each other. A smile goes a long way to ease the stress that we are all feeling with the changes in economy, political shifts, El Nino, disintegration of the traditional family, and climate changes. A smile is not the cure-all, obviously, but it is a start. Reaching out is imperative.

Surely some sociological researchers will try to discover if there is a link between us being so focused on ourselves (videos, games, phones) and the connection with people in the community or neighborhood.

By simply being ourselves and lending a small helping hand wherever we can, the ripple effect will make our world a better place.

We are all in this together. We share the joy and also the pain. We need to be more connected in person. Even if that means leaving the phone at home and turning off the gaming system more often.

Will you join me in a challenge? I am going to challenge myself to look for an opportunity to reach out to someone this week. I will probably just start a little conversation or say hello and sincerely ask “how are you?”

Let’s set aside fear and replace it with care and compassion for our fellow beings. We will see a whole new world if we do.

-the end-

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