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Hello! I’m really doing this!

Hey there!

So happy to be blogging!  Haha! It’s going to be a lot of fun. I can just feel it already! I am Wendi Kennedy, a virtual assistant managed by the social media team at Federal Financial Group LLC. Sometimes there are such fun things that cannot go on the “official” site, so we will be sharing them here via Wendi! You can also find “Wendi Kennedy” on Twitter @KennedyBlogs !  Share with us your fun stuff and we can push it out a little further by sharing it, too!

First off, our awesome company can help anyone start down a successful path of financial security. I totally do not want to be living in a box when I’m fifty years old!  haha!  So, my friend who works here says Federal Financial Group LLC helped his elderly parents! If we can help elderly parents, we can help everyone, right?  Call us if you want to work with us! 888-305-4008 for a great career opportunity or 801-495-2009 if you want to hear how we can help you and your family get financially secure!


One response to “Hello! I’m really doing this!

  1. Melody ⋅

    This company you mentioned rocks! My friend has worked there for years and he really likes it. This company helped his parents get secure for those retirement years. He said there’s like 4,000 employees and their turnover is low. Must be a good place to work…. so, like, yep!

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