Misogyny is the Term that Describes When a Man Hates Women or Girls

Misogyny is a new word for me. I just learned it yesterday when I happened upon this link for The New Yorker.

The tag that initially caught my attention was a subtitle that said “What Obama Could Learn from Julia Gillard’s Speech on Australian Misogyny?: The New Yorker”  Wondering what Australia could possibly have to do with the US President, I clicked on it and was fully enlightened about Julia Gillard’s perspective and opinion. I also enjoyed hearing the Australian accent and seeing a strong woman stand up for things she feels passionate about, Her main point was that women need to be treated equally with men.


Here is the link to see the speech and the article in The New Yorker:



Edward Archbold Wins Cockroach Eating Contest and Then Sadly, Dies!


What a stinking lot of rotten luck! One minute you’re excited that you won and the next minute you are traveling somehow to heaven! Seriously, this poor guy! You never know what will happen next.

So, the poor sod was eating worms and cockroaches to win a contest at a pet store in Florida on Friday night. He then started to feel poorly and regurgitate. Soon he collapsed and died. Quite a unique way to go, I must say!

Rest in peace, dear Eddie Archbold.



Today I was kind of looking around Twitter and I noticed that there is a place to see what videos are trending or are the most popular videos. So, I couldn’t believe how cool it is that I found this one on YouTube:

Super Junior – Single, Free & Sexy

Where have I been, right?

And then I found a new site called HitREcord for collaborating on music or art or poetry or whatever! It is so cool and you will want to check it out here: http://www.hitrecord.org/greatest?filter_by=&display_format=

And YES, I signed up!  So, if you want to collaborate on anything that I know how to do, let me know!

SLEEP!!!! Who Needs it Right?

We all need sleep!  And most of us do not take the time to get enough sleep! Of course, getting too much is bad but I do not know one person who gets too much sleep. Life is simply very busy! Here are 5 GOOD reasons to get one more hour of sleep!  Thanks to Angels in Bama on Facebook for sharing this!



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